Oil on Canvas, 2020

61.0cm x 91.4cm


“We turned up at the shotblaster’s yard on a cold, wet autumn morning with a moody sky, and a strange eggy-coloured light. They’re based at what used to be Union Mills in Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.

The area is full of decrepit (but fascinating) remnants of the old mill works, with a mish-mash of add-ons and adaptations for today’s occupants. I loved the angles and colours of the covered area with its pillars, and the narrative shown by the various exposed re-workings of the building.”


The painting evolves quickly from thin, layered washes of oil paint on primed canvas, allowing the pigments, solvent and gravity to help with the mixing process on the surface of the work. Making decisions about whether to intervene is key. I let passages of moving paint remain, or wipe other areas off with rags, angling the canvas so the runs move or halt—letting them do their thing.

As these layers start to settle and dry, I go in with more intense paint, dribble pure solvent over them to break up a mass, or ‘draw’ lines to create angular contrast with the more organic flow of the washed areas. I want the shapes I describe to be something both intangible yet instantly recognisable—solid objects, the space in between them, or an atmosphere created by light, shade and colour.


Painting Dimensions: 61.0 x 91.4 x 3.8cm (24 x 36 x 1½in)

Unframed with Painted Edges. 

If you would like this artwork framing, please contact me for details.


Shipped free of charge to the UK and Ireland.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions100 × 70 × 10 cm
Unframed/Tray Framed

Unframed, Tray Framed