Despite understandable restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic—closed galleries, and heavy restrictions when they are allowed open—the New Light Art Prize Exhibition 2020 has been enthusiastically received, and the online New Light gallery is getting plenty of views.

I've had fantastic feedback about the 2 paintings I have in the exhibition, and they are (at the time of writing) still available to purchase from the New Light website.

Although visiting Scarborough Art Gallery for a private viewing of the exhibition was a massive high-point of 2020 for me, it was disappointing not to have the opportunity to meet with the other artists and curators at the (very restricted) launch last September—but hopefully there will be opportunities in 2021 for events at other venues. And I hope to be able to meet you at some of them too!

One major change to the planned tour is the decision to postpone the planned dates of the show at Tullie House in Carlisle (originally 30 January - 20 March) until later in the year (probably in early Autumn).

It makes complete sense, with the current lockdown, new virus strains and pressure on the NHS. In Summer, there should be a better chance of galleries staying open to visitors, (hopefully) less disruption, and a safer, easier environment to travel and view the exhibition in.

The revised tour dates will be:

Do Contact Me if you have any questions or need any more information. 

I hope we can all get out and see some art very soon!

Text © 2021, Julia Brown | Header Image © 2020, New Light


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