Edge, 2020, Oil on board, 45 x 45cm | Julia Brown

Edge, 2020


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45 x 45 x 0.4cm

Oil on board, 2020

(48 x 48 x 3cm Framed)

Shortlisted artwork in the New light Art Prize Exhibition, 2020-21, UK

"It's been exciting playing around with my application of paint on this piece. As well as big flat brushes, I've used straight-edged bits of plastic and a silicone blade to get some of the interesting scrape-y textures.

I've also added transparent glazes over the opaque body paintwork to get depth, and achieve my tonal/colour contrasts without covering up the surface-based mixtures of paint."

'Edge' was inspired by the expanse of space, and the light, the colours and textures on the upper floor of the Sculpture Lounge Studio complex, based at an old textile mill in Holmbridge, West Yorkshire.

The painting was shortlisted (along with 'Sundown In Isolation'), for the New Light Art Prize biennial 2020-21 - click below to read more.