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Northern Light, 2020, Oil on canvas, 61 x 61 x 2cm (£1025) | Julia Brown

Northern Light, 2020


Availability: Currently with the Sculpture Lounge Gallery, Holmbridge, UK

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61 x 61 x 2 cm (63 x 63 x 3.5cm Framed)

Oil on canvas, 2020

"It's unusual to have a sense of 3 dimensions when inside in a building, and I wanted to show this sense of space, not just through the interior, with its void to the floor below, but also considering the overall relationship between inside and outside.

I wanted to show the contrast between the structure and the sky and trees—seen through the glass panes of the windows and northern lights—casting colours and shadows into the space.

This sense of infinity, reaching out beyond the boundaries of the structure, resonates with feeling the passage of time and the building's history. Its huge volume once filled with clattering looms and busy industry will only remain empty for a limited time before being given a new purpose as artist's studios."